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Christ Before Creation

What was it like in a place before time, mass or dimension? Meet a transcended Lord outside the space-time continuum. You will discover that the center of God is Christ. Discover what Christ did before He created.

No subject has been more neglected (and needed) than that of understanding – and touching – the invisibles.

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The Deeper Christian Life

Christ Before Creation
This is the message from which the book was birthed.

Christ Before Creation
What was it like in a place before time, mass or dimension? Meet a transcended Lord outside the space-time continuum. You will discover that the center of God is Christ. Discover what Christ did before He created.

No subject has been more neglected (and needed) than that of understanding – and touching – the invisibles.

The Old Testament

The Beginning
Creation… the fall of man… God’s relationship with his people… the birth of Christ… his resurrection.

A fresh new telling of an old, old story – from the perspective of the angels.

In The Beginning, God creates the heavens… and the visible realm, including the earth and everything in it. The crowning glory of creation is man and woman, who live and move in both the visible world and the spiritual world, ruling creation in full fellowship with their Creator.

Until… until the Garden is invaded by the succulent, deadly Tree of Knowledge and the allures of the fallen Angel of Light… until the unthinkable is done… until the bodies of Adam and Eve shrivel and are blinded to the heavenlies… and the Door between heaven and earth is closed.

The Beginning is the first of a five-book series entitled “The Chronicles of the Door.” (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)

The Escape
God’s voice breaks into Abram’s consciousness. The livestock farmer responds with faith, following God’s direction to an unknown land.

Meanwhile, in the heavenlies, the angels eagerly watch as God promises to make the childless Abram into Abraham, the father of a great nation – a people through whom God will fulfill his purpose in creation.

Abraham . . . Isaac . . . Jacob and Esau . . . Joseph and his brothers . . . a famine that forces the clan’s move to Egypt, where they suffer in slavery . . . the unglamorous rise of the great leader Moses.

Finally the stage is set for some of the greatest events in human history: the escape of the Israelite people from Egypt, their miraculous survival in the desert, and their arrival at the land they would call their own.

In The Escape, you can experience the drama in a new way by watching the events from two perspectives: that of the earthly participants and that of the angels in the glorious heavenly realm. At those times when the door opens to join heaven and earth, you will understand with new insight the mysteries of God at work in his creation.

The Escape is the second book in a five-book series entitled “The Chronicles of the Door.” (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)

A Tale Of Three Kings
The story of the life of David. This is the largest selling book Gene has written. It has been translated into many languages. A TALE OF THREE KINGS has brought encouragement, healing and transformation to hundreds of thousands of believers. By all means, we recommend that you read this story of brokenness.


The New Testament

The Birth
In the glorious heavenly realm, the angels strain eagerly to understand. What new thing is God doing as Gabriel slips through the door and fights his way to earth? In that lower realm, angelic visitations are not an everyday affair – not even for Mary and Joseph!

Dare to open The Birth and you will find yourself drawn into the drama as Gene Edwards weaves anew the wonderful story of the Incarnation, the Christmas story, seen from both realms. Hard to put down, a compelling narrative, and a great gift idea, The Birthintroduces the mystery of the Christian life for those who have never heard the story.

The Birth is the third of a five-book series entitled “The Chronicles of Heaven.” (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)


The Divine Romance
The Divine Romance is praised as one of the all-time literary achievements of the Protestant era. Breathtakingly beautiful, here is the odyssey of Christ’s quest for His bride. The Divine Romance is the most captivating, heartwarming and inspirational romance, transcending space and time. In all of Christian literature there has never been a description of the crucifixion and resurrection which so rivals the one depicted in The Divine Romance.

Many readers have commented, “This book should come with a box of Kleenex.” The description of the romance between Adam and Eve alone is one of the great love stories of all times.

Edwards’ portrayal of the romance of Christ and His bride takes its place along side such classics as Dante’s The Divine Comedy and Milton’s Paradise Lost. Reading this literary masterpiece will alter your life forever.


The Day I Was Crucified…as Told by Jesus the Christ
A compelling book written in first person, with the Lord telling the story of His death and resurrection. It is a book as moving and as powerful as any motion picture. The reader is ushered into a realm where the Crucifixion is seen from the view of the angels and principalities. No one can read this story without tears and praise.


The Prisoner In The Third Cell
This is the story of John the Baptist while in prison awaiting death. John is confused because he does not understand what is happening. He is wrestling with a God who has not lived up to John’s expectations. As with A Tale of Three Kings this book has brought about enormous healing to tens of thousands of Christians, yet it can be read in one hour. It would be almost impossible to be read without crying—it will give you a whole new view of your Lord and His sovereignty.


The Triumph
This book takes up the story presented in The Divine Romance. It opens with the Crucifixion and Resurrection as seen from the spiritual realm. A book as moving, spell-binding and heart-stirring as The Divine Romance. The Triumph is awesome. There has never been a book that has so beautifully, powerfully and dramatically presented the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This book will reveal a Christ you have never known.


From Pentecost to Patmos 

The story of the first seventeen years of the Christian faith. This book begins where The Triumph leaves off . . . at Pentecost. You should know that this is not a book for the faint-hearted. Edwards wrote Revolution at age thirty. It is a book which keeps asking the question: “Does the first 17 years of Christian history look anything like the modern-day practice of Christianity?” If you want your Christian practices challenged, this is the book to read. If you are a Christian desperately struggling with the problem of “church,” you will want to read this book.


The Silas Diary
This book takes up exactly where Revolution ends. It opens with Paul and Barnabas leaving Antioch, until the time they returned four years later. During those four years Paul planted four churches in the Gentile world. When you have finished The Silas Diary you will understand the book of Galatians. In fact, Galatians will come alive to you in Technicolor, 3-D, and stereophonic surround-sound. And if your experience is like others who have read this book you will find yourself saying, “I feel like I was there. I met Paul. I feel like I have met Barnabas. And now I know what it was like to live in the first century. I know the Galatian Christians. I feel like I have been in their homes and gathered with them in their meetings. As to Paul and Barnabas, when they hurt, I hurt; when they were cold, I was cold; when they cried, I cried; when they triumphed over their enemies—the Judaizers, who were trying to destroy those four churches—I stood up and cheered.”


The Titus Diary
This book takes up where The Silas Diary leaves off, Paul is on his second journey, a journey into Greece. (In those days northern Greece was called Macedonia and southern Greece was called Achaia.) This is the story of Paul in Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea and Corinth. When you have finished this book you will feel as though the lashes received at Philippi landed on your back, that you were in that prison cell when the earthquake came. You will feel you actually visited Corinth and smelled its streets, heard the hawkers in the marketplace, and watched the slaves as they pulled ships across dry land. You will understand their problems as three cultures clashed there in that Corinthian church. You will meet the wonderful Priscilla. Later you will sit in the room with Paul as he writes I Thessalonians. You will be able to pick up I Corinthians and understand every word of it, with perfect clarity.


The Timothy Diary
The Timothy Diary tells you the story of Paul’s journey, his time in Ephesus and how he trained eight young men to be church planters. In The Timothy Diary Paul’s young Christian companion, Timothy, gives a firsthand account of the third journey, how Paul trains a handful of young men to take his place after his death. Stand beside Timothy as he meets the apostle Peter- “The Rock”! Feel Timothy’s surprise and nervousness as Paul asks him to preach in Solomon’s Colonnade before the entire Jerusalem assembly, including several of the Twelve! Hear Paul’s answers to the very difficult questions posed by the church in Corinth.


The Priscilla Diary
Hear the stories of Paul’s continued travels to the first-century churches narrated from the unique perspective of Priscilla, a vibrant first-century Christian woman! Paul faces “the darkest days of his entire life” while he frantically searches for the missing Titus. Are Paul’s fears warranted? Has Titus been assassinated in Corinth? Read of the writing of Paul’s most personally revealing letter to the church at Corinth. And marvel at the truths Paul conveys to the church in Rome, a letter “of all that Paul considered central to the Christian life.” In Jerusalem Paul faces his old enemies and stands trial before the Roman and Jewish officials. Paul spends years in jail before the Roman governor issues a ruling that sends Paul to Rome in chains. Paul’s final and most harrowing journey by ship awaits him!


The Gaius Diary
Gaius tells of the fall of Jerusalem and the martyrdom of Christians torn apart by wild animals in the Coliseum and of others perishing as human torches in Nero’s garden

Near the end of the book Paul’s own death is very movingly described. Despite seemingly overwhelming persecution, the church survives and successfully incorporated Gentile and Jewish Christians with the incredible shepherding of two apostles: Paul (founder of many Gentile churches) and Peter (Jesus’ disciple and head of the Jerusalem church).


The Return
“Did you hear?! The Door, it has moved to a hill on Patmos. John is on his way up the hill – now!” One very excited angel, bound in suspense, was not about to miss a minute of the action. It had been a very long time since someone from the earthly realm had visited the heavenlies. What would John be allowed to see?


The Triumph
This book takes up the story presented in The Divine Romance. It opens with the Crucifixion and Resurrection as seen from the spiritual realm. A book as moving, spell-binding and heart-stirring as The Divine Romance. The Triumph is awesome. There has never been a book that has so beautifully, powerfully and dramatically presented the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This book will reveal a Christ you have never known.


More On The Deeper Christian Life

Living by the Highest Life
If you find yourself unsettled with Christianity – as usual… If you find yourself longing for a deeper experience of the Christian life…

Then Living by the Highest Life, the first volume of An Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life is for you.


The Secret to the Christian Life
Have we overlooked the main point? Edwards moves past all traditional views and formulas of how to live the Christian life to unfold a view never before presented in all the history of Christian literature. This book is revolutionary. The reader may well be left to agree with the author; “We really have overlooked the main point.” Expect to find a radical view, clear in presentation, with very practical steps on how to know Christ in a fresh, new way. Expect The Secret to the Christian Life to revolutionize your relationship to your Lord.


The Inward Journey
Chris Young became a Christian a few months ago. Now he writes to his older, wiser Uncle Bill; “I’d like to ask you… what part suffering will play in my life.” Uncle Bill responds, and thus begins a series of personal letters from the seasoned Christian worker to encourage and guide his young relative in the Christian life. As we read these letters, we too gain great help and insight into how God transforms our character and fashions us into the image of Christ. The Cross, suffering, transformation and God’s ultimate purpose are the issues that unfold in this unique book by Gene Edwards. Though written for the new believer, it speaks with a depth and newness that will arrest even the most mature believer.

The story spans time, space and eternity to deliver its beautiful, moving and profound message.


Books On Church Life

Some of the following books have never been released to Christian bookstores. They have only been released to individuals. All of them deal with church life.

When The Church Was Led Only By Laymen
This book reveals that the first-century churches were led totally by laymen. Not clergy, not elders. There were no ministers. Again, an unprecedented view of first-century church life.


Beyond Radical
When Gene was in the seminary, one of his professors, Dr. Jesse Northcott, challenged his students to adopt some subject in theology, “make it a hobby and pursue it throughout the rest of your ministry.” Gene took up Dr Northcott’s challenge and began tracing the origin of Protestant practices. The results of this research ended up becoming one of the factors that so influenced Gene’s future ministry. Beyond Radical is not for the fainthearted, as it traces the origin of every Protestant practice and discovers that none of our present practices have any noble beginning. Topics covered are: church buildings, pews, the pastor (the present pastoral role has its origins in the Reformation—it is an outgrowth of the priestly functions of the Roman Catholic Church.) Why do Protestants meet at 11 a.m. on Sunday? Where did seminaries originate . . . and Bible schools, Sunday schools, sermons, funerals? Why are Paul’s thirteen epistles arranged in the order they are in, (and why Paul’s epistles should not be arranged in that order. Why concordances should not be arranged in that order and why commentaries should not be arranged in that order!) And more! When you have finished reading Beyond Radical you will find that there is virtually nothing that we Protestants practice that originated out of Scripture. ALL our practices originated as sheer accidents.


How to Meet in Homes
Warning: Do not read this book if you enjoy Sunday morning church services!

This book is for those believers, be they Catholic, Protestant, Conservatives, Fundamentalists, or Pentecostal/Charismatics who want to utterly abandon it all, from top to bottom, and start over in a way that is a revolutionary, radical departure from all present-day church practices.

This is Edwards’ most popular book on starting a house church. Simple, practical, and very insightful. A must read for those who wish to meet in homes.


The Books That Heal 

The following books have played a great part in the healing of wounded hearts.

Letters to A Devastated Christian
Damaged by the domination of an overly authoritative Christian group, Ken finds himself a troubled young man with many questions. Ken’s experience is representative of the large number of individuals who have been hurt by different Christian movements during the last decade.

In Letters to a Devastated Christian, Gene Edwards explains the different techniques practiced by Christian groups who demand extreme submission and passivity from their members.

The book’s final chapters include some very personal and practical letters to those who have left such groups only to be faced with the difficult tasks of dealing with bitterness and resentment and rebuilding their faith and trust.


Exquisite Agony
This is without question Gene’s best book to place in the hands of believers who have been hurt by another Christians. To say the least, this book is enthralling. Thousands upon thousands of Christians have had their lives changed, resurrected, revitalized, and outright transformed by reading this book. Letters come from believers everywhere, who thought that their Christian life was over until they read this book.


Dear Lillian
The inimitable pen of Gene Edwards presents this breathtaking story of the believer’s relationship to death and to life hereafter. Expect the unexpected in Dear Lillian, as Edwards declares, “Let’s not start at the point of death, as that is the middle of the story. Let us return, first, to the time before creation. Your story of life, death and your place in future eternity begins before the creation.”

A book rich in hope and abounding with comfort. There has never been a book like Dear Lillian.


Climb the Highest Mountain
Few pieces of Christian literature ever address the subject of division in the body of Christ. Fewer still address the problem of how a Christian should conduct himself in such times and how to survive the aftermath.

Every Christian will face division at some time in his life. Many will be caught up in the vortex of a conflagration so great that they very well may be destroyed. Few believers – if any at all – are spiritually prepared for such a devastating ordeal. Gene Edwards raises a new standard of conduct for Christians who find themselves in such a crisis, and points them to a way out . . . unscarred.

If you are one of those many Christians who have been profoundly affected by the beautiful story in the widely received A Tale of Three Kings, then you will wish to explore the message found in Climb The Highest Mountain.


Books In Spanish

La Vida Suprema

Si usted se siente indeciso con respecto al cristianismo – como siempre… Si usted anhela tener una experienca más profunda de la vida cristiana…Entonces La vida suprema, el primer volumen de la Introducción a la vida cristiana más profunda es para usted.


Revolución: La Historia de la Inglesia Primitiva

Una alborozada, espeluznante y emocionante epopeya de los creyentes del primer siglo. A partir del día de Pentecostés y a través de los primeros diecisiete años, todo personaje histórico de aquella era se encuentra en ella: lleno de vida, vívido y creíble. El libro de los Hechos está aquí; la historia antigua está aquí; los hombres, tanto del mundo como creyentes, cobran vida. Una historia de mucho suspenso escrita como una novela. No se ha impreso otro libro como éste acerca del primer siglo. En Revolución: La historia de la Iglesia Primitiva, la Palabra de Dios aparece una vez más llena de vida, práctica y emocionante. Una nueva dimensión en la historia del primer siglo.


El Divino Romance

La más bella historia de amor que se haya relatado jamás. Un libro de poder, belleza y grandiosidad… Raras veces se ha combinado en una obra de literatura cristiana la sencillez del arte narrativo con la vasta profundidad de la fe cristiana. En esta epopeya comprensiva, que se extiende desde la eternidad hasta la eternidad, usted descubrirá algunas de las más profundas riquezas concedidas al creyente. Como una grandiosa sinfonía, ésta es una versión casi mayestática del amor de Dios, la más grande de toda la historia


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